Parenting Workshop with Doran Oatman

Parenting Workshops with Doran Oatman

Taming Toddler Tantrums

This workshop is for the parent-to-be all the way up to Pre-K.

Tantrums are a natural part of living with young children. Ever wonder why kids are triggered into a tantrum by the strangest things? Or we why we as parents are so triggered when they begin to whine? Humans have mirror neurons and when one person becomes highly emotional, those nearby are highly likely to do the same. As children start to develop the social and emotional skills needed at this age, they explore their big feelings through shouting, hitting, running away or completely shutting down. This workshop will provide tools on how to recognize when a tantrum may be coming. We will also talk about ways to communicate with our children during the tantrum. Most important, we will talk about our own reactions and what we can do to teach and model self-regulation and healthy coping skills in our children. After all, the word discipline means "to teach." I hope you will join me in this fun and interactive workshop.

When: May 5

Price: $20

Time: 2-3:15

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