Austin Kids Yoga Studio Teacher Training



"I think it's a really good environment."-

Saatvik, Age 11

"I think it's a really good environment."


"1 can always be myself."

Helen, Age 10

"I never feel judged here, and feel like I can always be myself."


"I always feel really relaxed..."

Ginger, Age 11

"I always feel really relaxed and stress-free in class, and I really like how creative the studio looks!"


You and the kids will love it!

Michella S.

"We love the classes, the people who work here and the space! It's such a fun time, and the kids can move and stretch and interact. Parking is available on site and on the street. Stay and play in the playroom or outside in the small playscape area afterward. They have day camps and more! We have taken classes and come for story time. You and the kids will love it!"