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The Art of Self Love :February 11:

In this workshop, Maggie Molleur will introduce practices such as yoga, affirmations, journaling and the use of essential oils to bring your child into a closer relationship with their body and mind. Seeing ourselves through lenses of negativity is a common affliction for people of all ages. As adults, we have to learn techniques to allow ourselves space for self-kindness. For adolescents, their bodies and minds are constantly in a state of flux. We aim to instill the art of Self Love in people as soon as possible to begin to rewrite our internal scripts.

Date: Sunday, Feb 11

Time: 2-3:15

Cost: $35

Ages 9-14

*Cost includes journal and one essential oil blend*

*Will also count toward a "my best self" patch if your child is in Girl Scouts*

Enroll online or call 512-358-6190 with questions :)