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Kids Night Out: Fall Schedule

Join us for our Friday evening Kids Night Out events offered once a month at our Village Location! We will take your yogis on a yoga journey filled with poses, games and relaxation, eat pizza & watch a movie.


Time: 5:30-9:00

Price: $40/ child

5 Session Pass: $180



Gong Bath In Aerial Hammocks

Come, rest & give your body the healing practice of a gong bath.

In this gong bath a group of people lie on the ground, or in this case are suspended in aerial silks (no experience required) while Christine & Steven serenade you with the soothing sound waves from the gong.

Gong Baths are one of the most relaxing, body-detoxifying vibrational ancient tools. A gong bath or gong sound meditation is a sound massage for the...

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Mothers Day Family Aerial Class :May 12:

Looking for another way to celebrate mom this May? Join Kait for a class to play and spend time together while learning new fun ways to use the aerial hammocks! No experience necessary!

Date: May 12

Time: 2-3:30

Cost: $55 *Cost covers one adult and one child; child must be in at least 9 years old*


Soar into Yoga: Aerial Yoga for the Complete Beginner ::May 26::

Join Kait for a workshop getting to know the aerial hammock. Aerial yoga can be intimidating, but it is beneficial for everyone and fun! We’ll spend the afternoon learning how to safely (and as gracefully as possible) get in and out of the silk, feel comfortable letting your body be supported by the silk, and trying out some gentle inversions. No matter your background, aerial yoga is a wonderful addition to your practice or...


Good Guy Yoga (Boys' Empowerment Ages 8-12) :May 27:

As a studio specializing in Kids and Family yoga for many years, we have been so grateful to bring yoga to so many friends! But there is one undeniable truth when it comes to yoga: you see many more girls than boys. This trend often follows all the way through the industry into adult yoga classes, and we have decided to see if we can remedy that stereotype. In our first ever boys only yoga class, we will be exploring aspects of strength and...

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Mom Moment: Awaken Purpose, Passion & Play :June 10:

What nourishes you, Mama? What is the source of your flow? In the safe, sacred and supportive space of this workshop you will learn and practice 3 steps to awaken purpose, passion and play in any moment! Let go of stress and turn on your flow. Moms need to play too! Join us for this fun, meditative and transformational experience to rejuvenate and empower you as a mom and as a soulful woman. Moms are the...

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Dad & Yogi Date June 17th

Are you ready to fly through Father's Day with your little yogi? Join us for our Second annual Father's Day Weekend Aerial workshop. Both you and your child will be guided through a 50 minute aerial yoga class where you will explore what it feels like to swing, go upside down, balance, fly, connect and strengthen your minds and bodies! Class will be followed by a creative project and some delicious sips and bites! *this workshop is beginner...


Positive Discipline: A Holistic Approach :February 4:

Have you ever said to yourself, "I will never be like my parents!" Have you ever felt the guilt and shame that comes along with trying to be the best parent, partner or friend all at the same time?" I would love to show you some tools to help combat those button pushing moments we all have with our kids. "Recent research tells us that children are hardwired from birth to connect with others, and that children who feel a sense of connection to...


Blissful Babes Infant Massage Workshop :February 25:

Witness the emergence of your child's understanding of her/his body and his/her place in the world through the exploration of movement and touch. Infant Massage can provide the medium to strengthen your connection with your baby.

During this class, you will learn:

• How to watch your baby's "readiness" cues

• General massage techniques for infants, as well as specific techniques that ease common discomforts

• Ways to...

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Nature's Medicine Cabinet *Free* :March 11:

Have you wanted to learn about how to use essential oils with your family? We know that often the world of essential oils can feel overwhelming- so we have created this workshop to help! In this workshop, we will discuss how to use the top 10 essential oils to replace everything in your medicine cabinet! We will discuss essential oil basics and how simple changes in your daily life can lead to huge improvements in your overall health. You...