Classes & Rates


Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga classes help you move through the transformations of the pregnant body with peace and ease. Prenatal Yoga is beneficial in preparing the body for labor, birth and recovery. Prenatal yoga at The Little Yoga House provides a very loving and open community atmosphere for mothers. This class is led by Jill Birt who spent the last 15 years as a labor and deliver nurse before stepping in to her roll as our prenatal yoga specialist and teacher.


Postnatal Yoga

This class is for new mammas looking for a peaceful place to relax, rejuvenate, strengthen, gather and connect with other moms while their babies rest on a soft blanket in a safe space. This 60 minute class will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as other areas of the body (neck, shoulders, back) that now feel the tension of caring for a new baby. We often use aerial hammocks in this class to help ease into poses and melt a little deeper with extra support.

Thursdays @ 10:30

Baby Yoga

Parent & Baby

This class is for both baby and grown-up! We will spend part of the class stretching, breathing, and moving for you (usually while holding your baby) and the other part singing and moving playfully with your teeny yogis. We use the magic of song to help keep babies engaged during class. This class has a wide age-range anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 months (pre-walking).

Tuesdays @ 10:30 & Fridays @ 10:30

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Pre-Tot Yoga Playgroup

This is a class for the "in between" stage! If your little yogi is not quite ready for the toddler class but too mobile for the baby class, this is the perfect class for the two of you! It is a nice mix of yoga and play for your little one. We provide a safe space for you and your tot to move, stretch, sing and play yoga!

Tuesdays @ 9:30

Toddler Yoga

Parent & Toddler Yoga

This class is for toddlers (18m-3yrs) and parents to enjoy the benefits of yoga together. This class gives parents the opportunity to see how their child interacts with other children and the teacher. Animated poses, music and props help toddlers develop good listening skills from the start!

Mondays//Fridays @ 9:30 | Thursdays//Saturdays @ 10:30


Family Yoga

Yoga for families is a fun-filled way for children, parents and even grandparents to spend quality time together while enjoying a fun and healthy activity. Practicing yoga together helps strengthen the bonds between parents and children while they support each other and have fun. Family yoga provides the rare opportunity for both adult and child to observe and learn from each other and is a great way to bridge the age difference between them. This class is filled with partner poses, group poses, silly flowing sequences and yoga games!

Saturdays @ 11:30 for kid ages 4+

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

This 45 minute class is for Kids Only from age 4-9. We will use this time to develop your little yogi's skills with songs, games, crafts and activities that your child can enjoy on their own! You are welcome to stay in our lobby during the class or drop your child off and come back to pick them up!

Wednesdays @ 11:30/

Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga is our newest program that integrates aerial arts with kids yoga. It incorporates fun mindful movement up in the air with a twist! The twist, you might be wondering, is the incredible therapeutic and sensory benefits the kids are receiving all while having fun and strengthening their minds and bodies. Yoga in the aerial hammocks is a whole new experience and is a great tool to aid in stimulating the sensory system, body awareness, social and emotional needs, and self regulation. Each week the kids will build upon the previous week, learning new poses, mindfulness techniques, breathing tools and creative ways to practice yoga in the hammocks. In each class students will have a chance to spend one-on-one time with the instructor to aid them in their specific needs.

Drop-in class Sundays at 10:30

See full schedule here.


Adult Aerial Yoga

This class is an opportunity for our adult community to experience the amazing benefits of moving in our aerial hammocks. Part of the class will be strength and conditioning, followed by restorative poses and deep relaxation. This is a great class for parents to wind down, relax and learn some amazing mindful parenting tools to use at home! Classes are on a drop-in or class pass basis and preregistration is required. We limit these classes to 6 students.

See full schedule here.

Series & Rates

All of our classes are drop-in friendly, space permitting. For all weekday family style classes we offer a reduced rate for those that register for the full 6 week session. You may also purchase a 5 class pass that expires in 3 months and may be used for adult aerial classes and weekend classes.

Drop-in: $20

5 class pass: $95 ($19 per class) *this pass can be used for all mommy&me style classes, weekend classes and adult aerial classes *expires in 3 months

4-week kids aerial session: $100