Kids Yoga Studio in Austin, Texas

Our Story

Our Story, Our Mission

The Little Yoga House is a family friendly wellness center offering mindful programing for people of all ages. From playful adult aerial hammock classes to child-focused yoga, The Little Yoga House provides a safe space for kids, adults, parents, and families to explore physicality and mindfulness through community-focused programming.

Family and interpersonal connection is the focus of our yoga program, which offers parents and children tools for social emotional learning through sensory exploration, music, and storytelling. Both kids and adults benefit from our aerial hammock classes, where creativity is encouraged and fears are overcome in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The story of Abby & An

Austin Kids Yoga
  • It was a brisk February evening
  • While the children were dreaming
  • Two yogis met
  • It was an evening they will never forget.
  • Rainbow Kids Training ignited a spark
  • On a children’s yoga journey they would embark.
Austin Kids Yoga
  • Both playful & petite

  • It was fate they should meet

  • Two bold southern girls
  • Set out on a mission with their hearts’ intuition
  • To bring laughter and fun to the yogic tradition.
  • An trained in Bali, Spain, and Hawaii
  • Abby studied in Italy and New York City
  • They met back in Austin with lots of yoga to share
  • Their hearts filled with peace and love and oh so aware.
Yoga for Families
  • From prenatal to babies and children to teens
  • These two little ladies were training machines.
  • The Little Yoga House was born in 2010
  • A labor of love, compassion, and zen
  • The union of yoga, children, and the arts
  • Brings joy to their days and love to their hearts.