Macey Garwood

Macey spent her early years in San Antonio,Texas but has been in Austin since 2001. She got her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from The University of Texas and fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. After teaching for a few years she and her husband put on their backpacks and traveled the world for 10 months, where they visited 12 countries on 5 continents. Working with children in other cultures and countries grew her excitement for teaching even more. Back in Austin, she taught kindergarten again and developed a passion for supporting children’s social/emotional development. A few years later, she became a mom and dove deeper into understanding children’s development and explored more ways to guide them and encourage their emotional awareness.

She had practiced yoga for many years, but it wasn’t until her prenatal, postnatal, and toddler yoga classes with her daughters that she began to fall in love with yoga. Experiencing yoga and connecting with her daughters in this way was profoundly impactful for her. After staying home with her daughters for many years she signed up for the Kids Yoga Training at Little Yoga House. She immediately knew this was where she was meant to be! Teaching children’s yoga has allowed her to combine her passion for supporting children’s social/emotional development with her passion to playfully connect with children. Working at TLYH has been a pure joy for her. She loves seeing the world through children’s eyes. And she loves creating a safe, playful space for kids to connect with themselves and others around them!

Outside of yoga, Macey enjoys hiking, biking, camping, exploring with her family, hanging with her dog, listening to music, laughing, and connecting with her community around her.