Litta Untung

Litta was born and raised in Dallas, TX and moved to Austin, TX to study Chemical Engineering at UT Austin. She discovered the joys of yoga in 2009 and has been practicing ever since. Litta stumbled across children's yoga at The Little Yoga House and was immediately drawn to it. Children have always been an inspiration and source of happiness for Litta, so she felt right at home.

In March 2015, after two years of working as an environmental engineer, Litta decided to take off on a cross-country bicycle tour with her best friend. Throughout this adventure coupled with the teachings of yoga, Litta learned the importance of truly being present and appreciating the wonders and beauty of nature. It also taught her to follow her bliss and that anything is possible! Outside of yoga, Litta's other interests include cooking, biking, live music, exploring new places, dancing, and most of all laughing and enjoying life for all it has to offer.

Litta completed her 30-hour Karma Kids Yoga training in November 2014 and joined the Little Yoga House family in September 2015.

Her favorite pose is pigeon pose.