Kait Coats

Kait developed a love of movement from an early age through dance. She taught dance all throughout high school and college to children of all ages. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Webster University in St. Louis. It was during college, Kait was introduced to aerial movement. She has had the opportunity to perform and work with multiple aerial apparatuses, such as: silks, aerial cube, rope, and trapeze. (Although silk is by far her favorite!) In college she took her first yoga and Pilates classes, but it wasn’t until later she realized how passionate she was about both!

Combined, Kait has over 1000 hours of trainings. While living in New York, she completely two Pilates certifications; the first focusing on mat and reformer, the second to learn more about the reformer, Cadillac, and chair. She then wanted to deepen her practice in yoga. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Austin focusing on alignment. Kait was so excited by her first yoga training, she immediately jumped at the chance to complete a 95 hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training.

Aerial yoga is one of Kait’s favorite ways to get on her mat. She loves how serious yoga can be, but it's good to find the balance between a serious and joyful practice. For Kait, aerial yoga is a perfect blend. You are able to find a beautiful moving meditation while still smiling and occasionally laughing at yourself. She thinks this is especially important for adults! Kait’s goal is to create a lighthearted class for all ages, while finding strength and balance in the body.