Jill Birt

Jill candidly labels herself as a Wellness Gangster. She began her career as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery here in Austin and has been caring for expectant Mamas since 2001. She found herself drawn to yoga and meditation as her family grew and demands thickened. Through study and practice she has learned Yoga is far more than a physical experience. The practice of movement lead by breath is an entry way to something so much greater. It is a practice in the connection of mind, body and spirit. Her study of yoga has deepened her understanding of the human body and the immense power within. Through the teachings, Jill has found healing along with the support and clarity necessary to live in the fullness of her life with intention and awareness. She considers herself to be an integrative healthcare provider, holding great respect for the power nature offers in healing, she values the advancments of modern medicine, and relies upon the wisdom and spiritual teachings of yoga.

Her classes are a blend of her experience and knowledge both as a nurse and a yoga teacher. She recognizes Yoga as a life long practice and continues to deepen her discipline and study under the guidance of many and particularly under the guidance of Kate Waitzkin, of Wanderlust Austin and Cheryl Johnson of Om Balance, Dallas.

Jill is married to her highschool sweetheart and is a Mama of 3. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be the commitment her and her husband share to each other and their family throughout the ugly beautiful realities of life. She loves nature, music, dancing, people, the miracle of the living experience.

“I am a Wife and Mama holding intention towards supporting the Women and Families of our community and the world around me. Through my own practice of mindfulness and learning, I aspire to spread light and love to all whom I am given the privilege.”