Denise Gutierez

Denise teaches yoga from the bottom of her heart. Sharing her passion and the healing power of yoga inspires and motivates her.

Denise was raised bilingual in Austin, after graduating college, she worked and traveled, and somewhere along the way, yoga found her and caught her heart. Since yoga entered her life in 2013, it’s been her grounding, guiding, and loving light. As a child she knew she was called to be a teacher… but it wasn’t until yoga that she remembered this calling.

She deeply believes that to create change in the future of our world we must empower our youth. Growing up around many young kiddos her whole life, she kept close to her inner child and loves tapping into it as she delves into adventures with the kids in her yoga classes. Her classes are filled with games, movement, singing, and laughing to make for a fun time playing yoga. She has a blast teaching yoga in both English and Spanish.

Denise is certified at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. She also completed the 30-hour kids yoga training here at The Little Yoga House.

Denise is honored and grateful for the opportunity to spread love through yoga and is constantly inspired by her family, teachers, and students.