FlyKids Yoga Camp

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Aerial Yoga Summer Camps

We are so grateful to be expanding our aerial summer camps! We are mixing levels in these camps to help everyone grow. Our day will consist of multiple aerial yoga classes, crafts, snacks, meditation walks and a lot of giggling!

If you currently have an account in our system and are familiar with how to register your child for camp, you may register here.

If you are a brand new student, please call 512.358.6190 to speak with one of our specialists. We will set up an account for you and book your camp session. We will also spend time going over what to expect during the camp day, what to bring and any other questions you may have!


Open Heart Camp

June 10-13 : Foundations & Intermediate | 1st-8th grade

July 15-18 : Intermediate & Advanced | 2nd-8th grade

Spend 4 afternoons flying,flipping & stretching with an open heart! We will spend each afternoon learning poses, learning what it means to be open to trying new things, learning positive ways to give and receive love and learning to create our very own aerial yoga poses.


Connection & Cooperation Camp

June 17-20 : Foundations/Intermediate | 1st-8th Grade

July 29-Aug 1: Foundations/Intermediate | 1st-8th Grade

Spend 4 afternoons flying, flipping and stretching TOGETHER! This camp will focus on partner & group poses and is a great camp to join with a friend! We will learn new poses each day, create our own partner & group poses and learn positive communication skills.


Art & Aerial Camp

June 24- 27: Kinder/Foundations | Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Aug 5- 8: Kinder/Foundations | Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Both of these camps will be led by Hannah Spector, our resident artist & yogi! Hannah has many years of experience teaching art to kids & will use her creative background to guide yogis through unique art projects each day as well as super fun & creative yoga flows. Students will be split in to groups by age to make sure each yogi enjoys an age appropriate class & project.

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Bravery Camp

July 8-11 : Foundations\ Intermediate : 1st-8th grade

Spend 4 afternoons flipping, flying, stretching and trying NEW things! This camp is focused on helping yogis find their warrior within! Whether they are going through an obstacle course with a blind-fold, learning to flip out of goddess pose or working through fears of going upside-down, we will be there to guide them along the way. We will use the power of affirmations, essential oils, positive reinforcement, goal setting and peer led encouragement throughout the week!


Self- Acceptance

July 22- 25: Mixed Level | Middle School/High school

Aug 12-15: Mixed Level | Middle School/ High school

This camp specifically caters to our tweens & teens! We will focus on the 3 S's: 1) self- love 2) self-acceptance 3) self- awareness . Through challenging movement, mindful crafts, guided meditations, dream boards and positive affirmations we will share tools to help our yogis cultivate inner peace and joy!

Camp Policies & Expectations

Refund Policy:

  • All camps are non refundable.
  • If a student does not show up to camp without letting the studio know ahead of time of their absence, they lose payment entirely.
  • A transfer may be granted if cancelation is 2 weeks prior to camp and may be used for the same child towards another camp of equal or lesser value.
  • For last minute cancellations, a 50% refund may be granted ONLY if the spot is filled.
  • If there is an emergency, please call or email us immediately so we can work with you to find the best solution.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policy:

  • You must be present with your child until the start of camp (9:00am for day camps/ 1:00 afternoon aerial camps)
  • We give you a 5 minute grace period for pick-up. After that, you will be charged $1 per minute.
  • After-care for non-aerial day camps: if you are not present to pick up your child by 1:10, your child will be checked in to after-care and you will be charged $12.

What to Wear *Aerial Camp Only*:

PLEASE, REMOVE JEWELRY! Stud earrings are okay. Come dressed in comfortable clothing free of snaps, zips, exposed buckles or sequins that could snag the hammock fabric. Pants or Leggings are required- please do not send your child in shorts. We will practice yoga barefoot so all shoes will be dropped at the door! Please remove all jewelry prior to practicing yoga as it can snag or rip our fabric hammocks.

*Aerial Camp* Behavioral expectations for each child are to:

1). follow safety instructions.

2). Stay on task during class lessons.

3). Avoid distracting others during meditation/relaxation.

** If a child is unable to meet these expectations in a group setting, you have the option of enrolling in private sessions in preparation for group work. The Little Yoga House reserves the right to remove or transfer a child that is unable to meet the above expectations to ensure safety of all children and to honor the time and practice of all enrolled.

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