Top 10 Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

  • Total body workout: Due to the nature of aerial yoga movements, almost all the body parts are forced to move and stretch. Muscles are toned and redefined, and joints are regenerated and strengthened due to these movements.
  • Psychologically beneficial: Just like almost any other workout, aerial yoga helps rebuild your emotional system because it clears the mind and relieves stress due to its meditative state. It also helps you combat stress throughout the day and increases your creativity, which leads you to develop your own artistic skills.
  • Improves flexibility: Aerial yoga helps you to move more freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice. Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility.
  • Heals back problems: It gives you the chance to hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen. With less strain on your back while doing the exercises, it eases tension in the spinal cord and hip joint, helping you feel better.
  • Increases strength: Aerial yoga improves strength and flexibility, which carries over into other daily activities. The core workout is a beneficial cross-training, as it helps runners increase stamina and be able recover faster.
  • Puts you in a great mood: Another key benefit of doing aerial yoga is that it gets your adrenaline going while going against gravity. It also releases “happy” hormones like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, which boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.
  • Improves balance: While going against gravity can be exciting, aerial yoga also helps with balance and stability in daily activities. Balance is a key component in daily activities, and aerial yoga helps maintain a good balance both inside and out.
  • Aids digestion: The different types of stretches and movements help improve the digestive system, thus helping in healing various digestion-related issues, including constipation and indigestion.
  • Old age and heart disease: Aerial yoga improves the circulation of blood, thus combating aging and its symptoms. Aerial yoga also helps detoxify the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which lowers the onset of various cardiovascular issues.
  • Improves memory: Aerial yoga fortifies your neural connections, thereby, rendering better memory power. In a way, practicing aerial yoga can make you smarter!

By: Heathandfitness

Classes & Descriptions

Aerial Strong

Let us help you reconnect with the inner child in you through aerial play! This class is a wonderful mix of strength and muscle toning, deep stretching, play time and an extra cozy relaxation. These classes move at a pace that is great for those looking for a full body workout. They are mixed level so our instructors will be able to meet you where you are!

Hammocks are hung at hip-height to allow full extension of the spine during inversions.

*please note that our hammocks are single point fixtures so movement and spinning may occur*

Aerial Flow

Our Aerial Flow classes link movements in the hammock with your breath and flow like a dance. The fluidity in this class allows the mind to calm, alleviating stress and tension throughout the body. This playful class is mixed levels! Hammocks are hung at hip-height to allow full extension of the spine during inversions.

*please note it may take a few classes to build the strength and coordination to move through the flows with ease, that being said this class is very accessable for all. We encourage you to come weekly to truly benefit from this powerful practice*

*Yogis ages 14-15 may join class accompanied by an adult. Teens 16+ are permitted to join adult classes without an adult present.*

Things to know before class:

  • Please leave all jewelry, shorts and pants with zippers or anything on them that could snag the hammock at home. We suggest wearing plain leggings that cover your knees and a t-shirt. Socks and shoes are removed before entering class.
  • Due to the use of fabrics, personal hygiene is of upmost importance. Please be courteous to our studio and to your fellow classmates and make sure to take of your body before entering the studio.
  • You are encouraged to bring a water bottle into the studio- we have filtered water to refill bottles available at the studio.
  • Try not to come to an aerial class on an empty stomach as the movement of the hammocks may cause dizziness - this is more common for brand new students so we always recommend eating something light prior to class.

*you will not be allowed to participate if you are not wearing the correct clothing*