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Earth Day- Green Ninja Event! :April 22:

The Green Ninja Cooks events take a holistic approach to education. Teaching kids how to assemble fruits and vegetables in a safe, delicious and informative way, giving them interactive missions that range from exploring the mysterious lands where food comes from, to building healthy daily habits that’ll last a lifetime. Children will be given 'Mission Sweet Potato' in-order to learn about the power of plants and where they come from. After they will finally complete the mission and become Green Ninja Cooks while playing with food and learning about fun ways to eat the rainbow.

We will start with getting to know the story of becoming a Green Ninja and the ‘Food Mission’ at hand. Then Green Ninja Cooks will pick their sweet potato out of a display and filter towards the mission table. Once they have all arrived we will explain the importance of the ingredients as well as taste and talk about some of our amazing toppings. Some questions can be answered here. After that, we will learn about decorating their toasts and start creating. As they are finishing they can fill in the recipe card that allows them to add their favorite toppings for future toasting. At the end, they will receive their certificate of completing the Green Ninja Mission!

Date: April 22

Time: 12:30-1:45

Cost: $10 per child

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