Benefits of Yoga for Teens

The Benefits of Yoga for Teens

The teenage years can be a rollercoaster, filled with unexpected and new changes that can put strain on the teen's foundational relationships. The benefits of yoga for tweens and teens address many of these new stressors, while providing a healthy output for individuals who are looking for new ways to express themselves as they move from childhood to adulthood. From a strictly physiological standpoint, the body of a teenager experiences drastic and dynamic changes in hormone levels, which causes many key indicators of puberty such as mood swings, acne, and even weight fluctuations. Yoga helps mitigate the effects of some of these side effects by flushing the lymph system and restoring hormone levels to a consistent balance. This phenomenon manifests itself in the noticeable improvements your teenager will see in their school, home, and personal life after participating in yoga for tweens and teens.

From the Classroom...

As with any structured fitness class, yoga for teens offers an introduction to the types of discipline that they will begin to experience as they move into more advanced schooling. With longer hours and more homework, the postural improvements gained through a consistent yoga practice can provide lasting benefits for the developing body of a teenager. This better posture coupled with the physical benefits of a strong asana practice promotes a better body image for teenagers in a time and environment where bodies and perceptions are changing. Furthermore, yoga for teens can introduce a new way to view the human body, not as a statement of worth but rather of something to be responsible for and proud of. Yoga also emphasizes Drishti, or focus, which can help improve concentration in the classroom setting. Yoga also emphasizes pranayama, or breath practice, which helps teenagers regulate their breath in times that might otherwise provoke anxiety, stress, or even depression. In fact, yoga has been proven to significantly decrease the likelihood of depression in its practitioners. At The Little Yoga House, we offer aerial yoga for teens and other types of yoga classes for teens that well help them realize these amazing benefits of yoga in a fun and welcoming environment.

To Home and Beyond

While some of these benefits follow the teen from school to home, there are also added benefits that parents, family members, and other personal relationships can see from a teen's dedication to yoga practice. Instructors at TLYH provide a classroom setting that serves as a safe haven for clear, direct communication through their instruction in the classroom and relationship with students outside of the classroom. Yoga has long been honored as a way to improve the three C's: communication, connection, and compassion. Connection and relationship building happen naturally in the yoga classroom, as the root word of yoga is unity, which encourages teens to come together with other students in the class who are experiencing many of the same life events and stressors as they experience day to day. Compassion in the yoga studio begins first towards one's own physical body, as instructors encourage students to listen to their body and honor the sensations and movements that feel safe and organic to their bodies. Finally, the commitment to the meditative aspects of a yoga practice allowed teenagers to look inward and seek peace before engaging with others in conversation or heated discussions.

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