benefits of meditation for kids

The Benefits of Meditation for Kids

As an adult and a parent, stress and chaos seem to be part of the job description. But did you know this stress and chaos can also have negative psychological and physiological effects on your children as well? Numerous studies confirm that practicing the art of meditation can provide real, concrete benefits for kids and families dealing with the stressors of everyday life. Consistent meditation leads to:

meditation for babies

Stronger Academic Performance

Practicing meditation as a kid allows children at a young age to begin to hone their ability to focus and improve concentration on the task at hand. Creating a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment allows children to eliminate some of the chaos both in their busy minds and busy environments. At The Little Yoga House, we provide meditation for kids so that they can start a continuing practice of mindfulness, which has been shown to heighten working memory and lead to improved reading comprehension scores on standardized testing.

More Emotional Stability

Yes, that means meditation can help your child lose the attitude! Practicing meditation has been shown to help kids and adults alike control impulsivity and heighten feelings of compassion. In some cases, consistent meditation has even been shown to reduce or eliminate depression and anxiety. Furthermore, practicing meditation in a group setting allows children to employ the tools they learn in our classes in any social or academic environment.

A Healthier Child

With the right instructors creating a positive, healthy meditation environment, meditation for kids can provide noticeable health benefits. As children focus on Floating Bubbles or TLYH’s Buddha Board, they can move from chaos to stillness and, in the process, lower their heart rates and levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their bodies. While this certainly facilitates more effective mood control, it can also improve sleep quality and help maintain appropriate metabolism for any practicing member of the family!

Meditation can seem daunting and a bit unfamiliar or uncomfortable for families that have never practiced before. Our instructors at The Little Yoga House are devoted to creating a comfortable learning environment free of judgment, where they can answer any questions you may have about the process, art, and purpose of meditation. Our goal is to introduce meditation to young children so that they may experience the benefits of meditation with confidence and without attaching any unnecessary stigma to their practice. Fostering a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment is sure to improve your child’s behavior and communications from the classroom or the playground to your own household. Contact The Little Yoga House today to see how meditation can enrich your family’s life. Dealing with stress can prove to be a lifelong challenge. Sign your children up for meditation for kids and give them the tools they need to succeed!

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