Yoga with Your Baby

The Benefits of Doing Yoga with Your Baby

Being a new mom can bring on exciting challenges, special moments, and opportunities for growth as a mother along with physical growth and development. Practicing yoga with your baby, sometimes referred to as postnatal yoga, mom and baby yoga classes, or mommy and me yoga classes, offers many benefits to mommy and baby alike.

Re-alignment of the Body

Carrying your baby with you throughout your pregnancy has caused changes in your body, both hormonally and structurally. During the time of pregnancy, a mother's body generates hormones necessary to help aid in the development of the child. Lack of restoration of proper hormone levels after pregnancy can lead to trouble losing baby weight and even postpartum depression. Yoga with your baby helps to balance the lymph system by generating movement throughout the lymph channels to flush the body of toxins and regulate hormones levels. With a strong focus on strengthening the core, mom and baby yoga classes can help to realign any spinal misalignment caused by the weight of the baby during pregnancy. Yoga can also help to reignite and tighten muscles that were stretched out by the baby bump or otherwise not used properly while the mother was carrying the child. The growth of your child within you may have caused organs to shift within your body, causing trouble performing day-to-day activities, such as breathing. Mommy and me yoga classes focus on re-training accessory breathing muscles and calming the nervous system. Finally, yoga asanas performed with conscious awareness of breath have been known to improve the ability and quality of sleep. This class also introduces your baby to new stimulants, environments, and gentle movements that may aid in a great nights sleep for both you and your baby.

A Safe Place

As a new mother, being alongside other women who may also be struggling with postpartum issues can help create a newfound sense of calm. TLYH promotes a healthy, safe environment not only for sharing in the mommy and me yoga practice, but also for fostering communication between new mothers. The root of "yoga" is unity, and allowing mothers and babies to practice in community with one another can create a great opportunity for connection between mother and child as well as between new mothers.

Connection with Your Baby

TLYH knows that as a new mother, leaving your child or finding a sitter in order to get out of the house and get exercise can feel daunting and often impossible. By creating a space open to both mother and child, TLYH has solved this issue! Additionally, research shows that a close connection, which is often created through close proximity and mutual movement, can help boost immunity, prevent diseases, enhance your child's IQ, and create strong and lasting emotional bonds that promote healthy physical and emotional development in your newborn baby.

Whether you are seeking a good workout, a new way to connect with new moms like you, or a unique way to gain special time with your baby, TLYH's mommy and me yoga classes are the classes for you!