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Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • Mother’s Day is just about here, so we have a round up of the best gifts for all kinds of moms. Read on for some of our favorite ways to spoil that special lady.
  • Fronks This one is great for the health conscious mama. Do you know a mom who’s all about that Paleo life or Whole30? Or maybe she’s vegan, or just trying to cut back on dairy? Perfect. Fronks is an Austin-based company that delivers their fresh ground, special nut-blend milk weekly, bi-weekly, or one-off. They have three flavors, no preservatives, no GMO, no HPP, no sugar, no dairy, no nothing but nuts, spice and water. Ok, maybe a date here or there too.
  • Chewbeads You may want to spoil a new mother with gold and silver, but the truth is, if you have a baby, anything mommy wears is going straight into that little tyke’s mouth. So skip the fancy gems for now and give her some style with a purpose. Chewbeads makes legitimately cute designs out of soft 100% silicone beads, specifically meant for teething babes to slobber on. They’re dishwasher safe and free of BPA, PVC and a roster of other nasty chemicals found in some plastics. The designs range from somewhat minimal and geometric in shades of cream, black, and grey, to bright, fun colors. Shop Chewbeads at the Village location!
  • Buca Botanicals Body Oil Another great Austin-based company, Buca Botanicals makes small-batch, artisanal oils, perfect for a mom-to-be. This oil smells heavenly and gives her skin the moisture and nourishment it needs to accommodate her expanding belly. Shop Buca Botanicals in our store at The Village location!
  • Outdoor Voices Recreation Kit Ok, so maybe mom’s been wearing leggings a lot since the kids showed up on the scene. No shame in that game. Embrace it. Hook your honey up with the best leggings in the game. Austin-based Outdoor Voices is doing outfit kits starting at $100, so mom can suit up in the best technical apparel out there. It’s wildly flattering, crazy comfortable, and made from super high-tech fabric. No one will know if she didn’t *actually* go to the gym, either. Hey, chasing toddlers counts as a high-performance work out, no?
  • Get more gift ideas in our shop at The Village location!