Prenatal Yoga Classes

Introducing FlyMama™, Our New Prenatal Yoga Offerings!

As an expecting mommy-to-be, looking for a safe form of exercise can be a real challenge. While prenatal yoga often provides the gentle sense of movement advised by physicians, have you ever considered prenatal aerial yoga as a fun, unique way to stay active during your pregnancy?

Prenatal aerial yoga


TLYH created FlyMama™ prenatal aerial yoga classes not only to incorporate all of the benefits defined above, but also to add an element of lightness that expecting mothers can often find unattainable. For those mothers-to-be worried about the intensity of prenatal exercise and its effects, aerial yoga helps provide additional assistance that allows practitioners to adjust the intensity of the workout to safe and tolerable levels. TLYH FlyMama™ classes build safe strength to help define joint boundaries during a time when your body is telling you that you are more flexible than you are, which can lead to joint dislocation. Since core strength is a core focus of yoga, strengthening these muscles involves a delicate balance. While this focus can help decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath, balancing strengthening with stretching (as yoga practice is known to accomplish) is essential in preventing painful abdominal muscle tearing common during pregnancy.

Interested? TLYH has developed a program that delivers the benefits of yoga with the additional assistance of aerial silks to bring you a safe, healthy workout in a community of mommies just like you, seeking the best for their babies and their bodies. Call today to sign up for this great opportunity!