Martha Lynn Kale

A Moment On The Mat with Martha Lynn Kale

The families that come to our studios never cease to amaze us! Today we sat down with Mom of two, entrepreneur, blogger and hair stylist extraordinaire, Martha Lynn Kale.

Tell us a little about yourself-- what do you do, who do you do it with, and why do you do it?My name is Martha Lynn Kale and I am a wife, mom and entrepreneur living and working in Austin, TX. I have spent the better part of the past decade helping women love what they see in the mirror through my salon (Mirror Mirror) and my blog (

How has becoming a parent changed the way your approach to your career?Becoming a parent changed the way I approach my career in that it requires a tremendous amount of intentionality. As a Mom with two boys under 5 I have small windows of time where I have to be super focused on growing my business, taking care of my clients and creating content for the blog and social media. It would honestly be easier if I just gave it all up to focus on the boys while we are in this phase but I absolutely love what I do and I think it’s teaching them to follow their passions - even when it’s hard! I am also blessed to have flexibility in my schedule so I can adjust it to work for our family and our needs. It changes constantly and I am lucky to have a team at the salon that supports me and keeps things moving when I’m on mom duty! Plus both grandmas live in Austin and we have a ton of help from family.

What brought you(r family) to Austin? I moved to Austin in 2002 after I graduated from Auburn to work at GSD&M and my husband moved here from Seattle a few years later to do the same thing! Amazingly enough our time at GSD&M never overlapped but we worked on the same team with some of the same people just at different times. It was a mutual friend that ultimately introduced us!

What’s your go to vacation spot with the kids? We absolutely LOVE going to Rosemary Beach every year! We always go the week before Memorial Day and we have gone every year since we’ve been married. The best part is that we walk and ride bikes every where and it’s like being in a movie set.

What’s your favorite part about coming to The Little Yoga House? Our favorite part about coming to Little Yoga House is just time together. I’ve come with both boys for various classes and it’s nice to do something with just Ford or just Luke! It’s really important for me to spend time with them alone versus them always being together. Plus, teaching them how to take deep breaths at this age benefits all of us! They are both complete monkeys and love it there.

Photo Credit: Dos Mundos Creative

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