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A Moment on The Mat With Cristina Facundo

For our second installation of Moment on The Mat we interviewed Austin Wardrobe Stylist and Digital Editor of Love Child, Cristina Facundo Bocanegra. Cristina started coming to The Little Yoga House when her son Bowie was barely 6 weeks old. She needed the camaraderie of other moms and he enjoyed the nice long stretches and baby massages! We talk career, yoga and Cristina's perfect day in Austin!

Read on and enjoy A Moment on the Mat with Cristina Facundo Bocanegra.

Tell us a little about yourself-- what do you do, who do you do it with, and why do you do it? Hi! My name is Cristina and I am a full-time wardrobe stylist in Austin. After two degrees in education and teaching for 5 years in Austin and Harlem, I enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and completed another degree in Fashion Styling. I guess you could say I love school. My intention was to take one class at FIT as a hobby, but I realized I love styling and it quickly turned into my next career! After graduating, I decided to move back to my hometown of Austin and start my styling business.

While pregnant with my son, Bowie, I came up with the idea for Love Child, a website for the modern family. I was coming up short on pregnancy information that was relevant to my lifestyle. Frustrated and motivated, I thought, I'll just create a space where I can note everything I'm learning for my girlfriends. After a few friends shared the site, It quickly evolved into something much bigger and now I share information on style, wellness, motherhood, and stories of creative and inspiring women. It launched 6 days before my son was born! We will be celebrating my son's first birthday and Love Child's first birthday this June!

How has becoming a parent changed the way your approach to your career? Before baby, I worked around the clock. Time or sleep was not a factor so late nights would be followed by late mornings, lots of travel, and overlapping jobs with little downtime. Now, I still work just as hard for my clients but I am way more efficient with my time than I used to be. I say no to more jobs and have learned to ask for help if it means getting home to my baby a little earlier.

The other thing that has changed is my outlook on my career. I have always loved the creativity and flexibility that comes with my career but now with a baby, it means so much more. I used to feel anxious when I had days off, like I should be working on something. Now, those days are filled with adventures with my son. It's a perfect balance.

How does yoga play into your life? I have been a practicing yogi since my first year of college, so almost 16 years! Prior to getting pregnant, I was taking hot yoga 3-4 times a week and felt like that really contributed to my delivery. I felt strong, centered, and as my doctor said after the delivery, it was the most controlled birth she had ever seen. I have yoga breathing exercises to thank! Post birth, I started stretching with my son when he was only a few weeks old. He always slept better after and I think it gave him better perspective of his own space and size.

What’s your ideal day in Austin? We get an early start! My son is up at 7 so after breakfast and a little playtime, we usually head out to Radio for coffee and breakfast. Always coffee! We try and get in a workout whether that means a class for me, a class at Atomic for my husband or a family walk around the lake. If we have time, we try and do something downtown. A trip to the farmer's market or a brewery, before we head home for dinner.

What’s your favorite part about coming to The Little Yoga House? We love the community! We always leave feeling lighter and inspired. And they throw great parties! :)

Stay tuned for more installations of A Moment on the Mat, featuring our yoga community!

Photo Credit: Heather Gallagher Photography