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Martha Lynn Kale

The families that come to our studios never cease to amaze us! Today we sat down with Mom of two, entrepreneur, blogger and hair stylist extraordinaire, Martha Lynn Kale.

Tell us a little about yourself-- what do you do, who do you do it with, and why do you do it?My name is Martha Lynn Kale and I am a wife, mom and entrepreneur living and working in Austin, TX. I have...

How To Limit Screen Time This Summer

Screentime. It’s a modern parent’s big dilemma. Sure, there are tons of learning games, apps, and DVDs out there for kids of all ages, and that’s great. You’ve also got the parental controls on lock across all your platforms-- this isn’t the wild west, after all. Still, though, it just doesn’t feel quite right to let a 5 year old luxuriate in front of the T.V. or iPad when the weather outside is so nice. And by the thousandth...

Birthday Parties

As adults, we sometimes forget that we’re not the only ones experiencing stress — our little ones can feel it too. Practicing yoga and meditation can provide real, concrete benefits for kids and families dealing with the stressors of everyday life. By emphasizing the importance of being truly present, yoga can foster a new sense of peace during the chaos.

Benefits include: stress reduction, strength development, enhanced communication...

Mindfulness For Children

For our second installation of Moment on The Mat we interviewed Austin Wardrobe Stylist and Digital Editor of Love Child, Cristina Facundo Bocanegra. Cristina started coming to The Little Yoga House when her son Bowie was barely 6 weeks old. She needed the camaraderie of other moms and he enjoyed the nice long stretches and baby massages! We talk career, yoga and Cristina's perfect day in...

Cinnamon Energy Balls Recipe

  • You and your kiddos will love these Apple Cinnamon Energy Balls. They’re nutritious, flavorful, and full of protein. Bonus: as blogger Kristine of Kristine’s Kitchen points out, you can pass them off to kids as cookie bites.
  • “These energy bites really do taste like a no-bake cookie,” Kristine shares, “I’ve added a little vanilla extract to the mixture to help bring out the cookie flavor.”
  • Older kids can...
Meditating with Children

Yoga, meditation, wellness routines… All ideas we typically reserve for adults but, here at The Little Yoga House we're on a mission to change that mentality. Adults are not the only ones that benefit from a well rounded wellness routine, our children need it too. Today we're focusing on 3 easy meditation techniques to practice with your kiddos.

To start, what is meditation?

Meditation is a specific technique in finding...

Deep Eddy Pool Austin

Here in Central Texas, we’re blessed with a bevy of great places to swim. They all have their own charms, but some are better for families than others.

Here are some of the best family-friendly places to swim and hang as a family in Austin:

Austin Kids Yoga Events

Kids Night Out Aerial Edition

The Little Yoga House’s Kid’s Night Out: Aerial Edition offers kids and tweens the opportunity unwind from the school week with a little aerial yoga and more. The night includes an aerial yoga class, pizza, movie and guided relaxation. All while parents sneak off to a nice, kid-free dinner.

Kids 1st grade through 8th...


  • It’s 8pm. Dinner is over, the dishes are done (maybe), bath time is over, and you’re ready to fall into a heap, but the kids are bouncing off the walls. We’ve all been there. First you ask nicely, then you beg, then you bargain (“Ok, ok, one more story…”). What if there was an easier way? Good news-- there is, and not only will it calm your kiddos, but it might just calm you down a touch as well.
  • According to the Mayo...
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.56.25 AM.png

  • Mother’s Day is just about here, so we have a round up of the best gifts for all kinds of moms. Read on for some of our favorite ways to spoil that special lady.
  • Fronks This one is great for the health conscious mama. Do you know a mom who’s all about that Paleo life or Whole30? Or maybe she’s vegan, or just trying to cut back on dairy? Perfect. Fronks is an...
Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.19.40 AM.png

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting activities coming up around town to celebrate everyone’s #1. From classic brunch to some more high-flying activities, we’ve got you covered for the big weekend.

The Little Yoga House’s Mother’s Day Workshop

A great alternative to the typical Mother’s Day brunch, The Little Yoga House is combining crafts,...