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The Little Yoga House is a family wellness studio offering family style yoga classes, birthday parties, yoga camps and aerial yoga classes for all ages! We bring yoga to schools around Austin and offer kids yoga & mindfulness trainings!

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Calling all teachers, kids yoga teachers, lovers of music, parents or anyone who loves working with kids ❤️🌈✌🏼 We are bursting with excitement to share that we are bringing @kirawilley to TLYH for her Magic of Music teacher training AND a yoga and music concert this Spring 🥁🎤🎸 Her songs bring so much joy to kids and people of all ages... most of our kids know her songs by heart (and so do we 😉). This is your chance to learn how to share more music & movement with your kids from one of the best there is! . . . Follow the link in our profile to secure your spot in her training on April 13th. Tickets for the concert will be available for purchase soon!

A E R I A L A T I E S | T U E S @ 12:00 This class is a blend of Aerial Yoga and Pilates. Pilates is a wonderful way to strengthen and tone the body while focusing on proper alignment and core engagement. The hammocks will be used much in the same way as our Aerial Flow and Aerial Strong, but with a special emphasis on proper abdominal usage and spinal placement. All levels are welcome and whether you are taking your mat or aerial practice to the next level, Aerialaties is a great way to help get you ready for bigger more challenging poses.

We can’t tell whose having more fun here... An or Mian? 😆🤗💖 . Join us for family style classes all morning... there’s something fun for everyone! (Link to register in bio) #familyyoga #familygoals #family #kidsyoga #partneryoga #yogaeveryday #weekendwarriors

Hey you.... come try out our brand new Toddler Yoga & Sensory Play today at 10:30 w/ @maceymgarwood *We’re playing with Jello!* . Benefits of Toddler Yoga: • aids in socialization •give toddlers and grown-ups tools to help with self-regulation •body and spacial awareness •teaches listening skills •healthy, positive movement •parent & child connection through play . Sign up online via link in profile or stop by the studio to register in person!

Only 5 DAYS left to grab a hammock in one of our after school FlyKids Aerial Yoga series that start on Monday! • Not only does interaction with the silks provide tactile input, but it also helps develop motor skills related to a strong hand grasp, such as handwriting and using eating utensils! Many of the poses taught in aerial yoga incorporate core strengthening elements, which can help improve posture and prevent future injury. Other poses incorporate an inversion element, allowing your child to get the tummy-tickle of being upside down while feeling fully supported. Inversions help flush fresh blood and healthy hormones through your child’s brain, which improves self-regulation and aids in proper development. These elements, paired with a focus on slower, smooth meditative breathing, can even help children with anxiety or attention disorders to find a new-found sense of calmness. • Call 512-358-6190 to register or follow link in bio for online registration

Ingrid Fetell Lee on Joy: • “Joy may be elusive, but it can be accessed through physical attributes like bright colours or fun patterns.” _ “I began spotting little moments of joy everywhere I went — a vintage yellow car or a clever piece of street art. It was like I had a pair of rose-colored glasses, and now that I knew what to look for, I was seeing it everywhere,” Lee says. _ “But if these fun patterns bring us joy, why does so much of our world — offices, schools, nursing homes, grocery stores — look so bland?” . . . Imagine if schools & more public buildings were coated in beautiful colors with rounded edges in place of sharp angles... imagine the creativity and JOY it would bring to all those who who spent time in those spaces 🌈 . . . What brings you joy? We would love to hear! (Link to the complete TED Talk on Joy in profile)

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