Prenatal Yoga

The Little Yoga House's north location offers a variety of yoga classes to fit the needs of all of Austin's expecting mamas! Our signature FlyMama prenatal aerial yoga class is the first of its kind in the country and created by prenatal expert Stacy Wooster and TLYH founder Abby Nagler. Our newest class, Khalsa Way prenatal yoga is based in the Kundalini tradition and taught by Jackie (Jai) Nico who was trained in LA by Gurmukh. Cant make a week day class? We have you covered with our new Saturday afternoon prenatal yoga & wellness class for mamas-to-be who still want to have a lazy weekend morning!

FlyMama: Prenatal Aerial Yoga

In our FlyMama prenatal aerial yoga classes, the hammocks hang low to the ground and are used as a prop for support in standing, seated and restorative poses. They are used as a safe support to aid in deep stretching and strengthening of the pregnant body. Parts of the class are offered inside the hammock as a way for mom-to-be to experience the womb-like sensation their baby is experiencing. This class is beginner friendly as no prior knowledge of aerial yoga is necessary.


Stay tuned for workshop and class schedule for the summer!

*We do not invert, stand or fly in the hammocks*

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga & Wellness

This prenatal yoga is designed to support you and your baby mentally, spiritually and physically throughout your pregnancy, birth and the first three years of life. It is empowering, educating and builds communities of like minded parents. We know that the child begins its life journey when it enters its mother's womb. That is why we believe it is so important for women to feel safe, sacred and supported in this very special time.

You will move your body with yoga and breath, learn to meditate and connect with other women.

Offered: Thursdays @ 11:45-12:45

*our studio is located next to the Alamo DraftHouse in the breezeway between the Lofty Dog and Yummylicious Yogurt*

Prenatal Yoga & Wellness

Cant make a weekday evening class? Want to sleep in on the weekend? This is the class for you! Offered on Saturday afternoons, prenatal yoga & wellness is your more traditional flow style class specifically catered to the pregnant body. While we may move a little slower, modify poses and enjoy yummy restoratives.. don't be will work hard!

Offered: Stay tuned for summer schedule!

*our studio is located next to the Alamo DraftHouse in the breezeway between the Lofty Dog and Yummylicious Yogurt*