Chelsea Hover

Chelsea has been practicing yoga & meditation for over 20 years, and brings the depth of her own experience to every class she leads. Sharing yoga, mentoring youth, and now being a new mother are the main ways she channels her deepest desire: to be of service. Chelsea has now been teaching yoga full time in Austin, TX and beyond since 2008. She is a part of local non-profits the Amala Foundation & Community Yoga Austin, specializing in working with teenagers, diverse populations, and people who think they can’t do yoga. She has traveled extensively in India deepening her studies of yoga’s ancient roots; and has supported a school outside of Delhi by fundraising and leading groups of yogis on service and yoga retreats in 2013 & 2015. Chelsea offers yoga & service retreats throughout the year in Texas and beyond. Her new passion is bringing together mothers of babies for yoga & community and to share in the journey of motherhood together.